But now I have andykehoe.net!
So after many many countless and fruitless attempts to get my website back from those ass-licking scoundrels at PagesGarden (my web and domain servers) I've given up. They broke me. I am a broken man. I came across a customer review section of good 'ol PagesGarden... and they were not good reviews. They were horrible and frightening. There were a number of people that wrote reviews that were in my same situation and never got replies after months of trying. Wow. So I decided just to put a fork in it and begin a new site. Unfortunately, now I have to inform everyone that had my old web address and email that I've had to change. That fucking blows. So BEWARE!! Stay away from PagesGarden if you plan on putting up a website. They did quite a number on me. Anyways, for all those that find this, my new website address is
and my new email address is: