So just a general update and a get to know me post... but if you get too close I'll just push you away. It's a defense mechanism and it's not my fault... it's not my fault.
I'm working right now on a contribution to Blab! by fantagraphics which is fucking sweet. I used to read those at the comic shop and got so excited by all the art that decorated those pages. It was one of my first introductions to some of my favorite artists and a constant source of inspiration. . Weird thing is, I actually made a mock proposal to Monte Beauchamp, the editor of Blab!, in my "art business" class at Parsons asking to be in the book... but never sent it. Then one day a few months back, I got an email from Monte asking me to be in the next issue and the clouds parted and god reached down and put a sugar-coated gumdrop in my mouth. So it's awesome to actually be involved in it.
Also, I'm included in the new art issue of Trace Magazine. I believe it's issue 81. Anyways, there's a bunch of really great artist included in the issue, so you should check it out. You can also download a digital PDF version of the issue on their website.


I also have some shows coming up this year. The first is a group show coming up in July at Gallery 1988 SF. I only have a couple pieces going out there... but that won't keep from from coming to San Fran for the opening. Any excuse to go out there is a good one. Get a burrito or two.
I have a three-person show with my brother Ben and the awesome Hiro Kurata. I know Hiro from my Parsons days, and he's still one of my favorite artists out there. The show will be opening in October at Black Maria Gallery in Los Angeles.
And after all that, I have only two shows in 2009 and they're both solo shows. Sweet. The first is going to be at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York and in December I'll be showing with ThinkSpace in LA. That should be an amazing year!