So I've finished all the large work for my upcoming show at Jonathan LeVine. Yeah!!! That is the great news... and the even greater news is that I think these pieces are the greatest I've done. But now the issue is getting these babies over to New York. I've got to photograph them all and then get them all packed up and shipped off. God, I hate this part of doing a show. This being the tail-end of my working on the show, I'm basically running on stale and dirty money fumes. SO I decided to have a little sale at my Etsy store to raise some funds and get these bastards to New York on time. The big city.
I'm selling any two prints available at my store for $70 which take $20 off each print. I'm no genius but I swear that's a mighty fine deal. I'm only doing 15 of these sale items so get them while you can.... Hmmm. Weak pitch. Where's the Sham Wow guy when you need him?


Link to Etsy Sale