Got back from San Fran on Monday and have slowly been putting my life back together since. Had a super great time in San Fran and will probably post more specific details on the trip later. One highlight though was a shirtless man running up to me screaming, "YOU'RE PART OF THE REASON I'M CASTRATED!" and proceeded to punch things around me. No joke. The funny thing about that is that I really think I was part of the reason he was castrated... I used to run with a pretty rough crowd. On the way back, Evan and I traveled up the coast and camped out in the Redwoods. Wow! What a magical place. The picture above is me hanging out with Paul Bunyun... a real man. All in all, a full success of a trip.

On to some other pressing issues. As I've already hinted at, I'm going to be releasing 3 new prints shorty, but they won't be happening until the beginning of next month. I'm doing a whole restructuring thing and will have a whole new deal for August. The prints have gotten so popular that they started taking over my life... which is awesome! But doesn't leave much time to actually get any painting done. So I'm bringing someone in to take over the print business for me... Yes, that's right. I'm going to have some poor person under my employ. Hahahaha. Her name is Heidi Maas and she's an absolutely amazing human being and should treat you just fine. If she doesn't, she'll have hell to pay! So in light of having someone else doing my prints for me, I will have to bump up the prices moderately. Just $10 more so I can maintain keeping them affordable for everyone and make sure my new employee doesn't end up on the street with all the crazy castrated people running around. But I will of course be around and you can still email me about all things prints. This also solves the problem of me dealing with releasing the larger prints I have planned... now someone else can deal with all that madness and I can sell them directly from my store. Awesome!

Speaking of prints! Since it's going to be a couple weeks until the new prints and my store is looking a Depression Era grocery store, I released all my remaining AP prints of all previously sold out editions. There's only a few of each and after these AP's, they will be gone forever... forever... for... ever. So if you missed out on anything, now is the time to jump on it. I usually keep these AP's for request, but I have to put something in the store! Plus, it'll be good to start fresh in August and bring in a whole new era of printiness. Also, since I've got some help now, I will focus on getting some T-Shirts added to the store. Hopefully by the fall. Hi-fives all around.