We did it! The long tunnel of winter has opened into the budding glory of spring. Huzzah! I burnt all my jackets in celebration and will never wear them again... next winter might be a tough one. Damn these rash and impulsive celebrations. Had yet another crazy person yell at me while walking down the street. This guy was yelling, "Don't you look at me! Don't you ever fucking look at me! Ever!" Over and over and over. I wasn't even looking at him at all until he started yelling at me. Not the best way to go unnoticed. He ended up standing in the middle of Morrison street and yelling the same thing at every car that passed by so I didn't take it personally.
Portland is looking extra magnificent these days and it's doing it's best to distract me from work. I've given in to some extra long coffee breaks on the balcony. I have my first showing in Portland next weekend at a place called Grass Hut run by the ever awesome Bwana Spoons. The show is called Balls Out and opens April 2nd. Here's the postcard:

I'm also releasing 2 prints for the season. One of them is a print from one of my pieces at the Jonathan LeVine Anniversary Show called, "A Welcome to Coming Days." The second one is from a recent commission I finished for Dean Kuehnen called, "At Ease Amidst My Fellows." Here's some extra info on the prints. They both have the same specs:
Image size 20" x 13" Total Print Size 22" x 15"
Edition of 30

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