I'm in Pittsburgh for a couple weeks to celebrate the birthday with the twin brother and it's feeling a lot like summer here.. Over the weekend, I had a great birthday BBQ, ate a ton and only waited 5 minutes before I jumped in the pool. I ended up cramping and sinking to the bottom of the deep end, but one of my friends found me after a few minutes. No big deal. Now I'm just kind of lying about and enjoying the time off. Figured I'd write a blog entry since I'm horribly, neglectful blog host.
This summer should be a great one in the Pacific Northwest. My schedule is a little light so I'm planning some camping and maybe a drive out to Big Sur. Always wanted to go there. I'm doing a couple pieces for the next Blab! Show in the Fall which is always awesome. My next big show is at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in March 2011. That's always a good time. So I'll be hard at work for that show very very soon.
Since I don't have a heavy workload this Summer, I've been working on some small paintings in my free time. I plan on coming out with a few this Summer just to sell in my Etsy store. I just finished a small 8" x 8" painting and posted it on Etsy. Here's a link if you're interested.
Forest Guardian Etsy

It's selling for $650. Still have to put some finish on it and stain the sides but the little guy is looking good.