I'm going to take this time to share some Etsy fun from some of my favorite artists... who also happen to be good pals of mine. You could say we're a crew. You could even go as far to say that we're a dangerous crew. To get into the club, you have to do something dangerous and illegal. For instance, I bought a book, read it and then returned it for a refund. Suckers!!
Then there's Evan who killed at least three people to get in. Show off. It could've been more but every time I bring it up, he starts grumbling and waving around a straight razor. You don't have to be that enthusiastic to get in, but I'm pretty sure that puts him in charge. Speaking of Evan, here are some prints and originals he has available in Etsy:

Whaler and His Muse Print - $75

Wounded Fin (Original) - $250

Check out his Etsy for more prints and paintings.
Evan B. Harris Etsy

Next are some beautiful prints from Kathleen Lolley. I'm not sure what Kathleen did to get in, but she had to hide away in the woods for almost 2 years afterwards. Must've been bad. I asked Evan what she did, and his reply was to pull out the straight razor and stare at me until I left. 

Moon Ritual Print - $45

Can't Let Go Print - $45

More Lolley Goodness at Kathleen Lolley Etsy

Last and maybe most dangerous of all is my brother, Ben Kehoe. What he did was so heinous and vile that it's a crime just to repeat what he did. A friend of ours kept insisting for Ben to tell him what he did. When Ben finally relented and told him, that poor friend bled out of his ears and slipped into a coma he still hasn't recovered from. Better to just let it go and never ask Ben any questions. 

He Helps Me Fight Print - $45

Done Haunting Houses (Original) $600

 Go to Ben Kehoe Etsy for more.