Whew. Take it easy. One thing at a time. I'm officially leaving Portland this Tuesday to move back to my hometown of Pittsburgh. There is much to be done and not much time to do it. My brother Ben is in town to visit and to eventually drive back to Pittsburgh with me and all my belongings. My mom and my grandmother are also on the way here to help me move back so it'll be a Kehoe caravan. Just follow the smell of smoke and the sounds of screaming to know where we are in the country. The next few days will be a blur but the drive should be a good time. There's a whole bunch of paintings to ship on Monday and a whole lot of explanation of where they are going, but that will have to wait until a later update. For now, I'm posting the last small painting of the summer that I'm selling off my Etsy store. It's called "Forest Watcher" and is a 10" x 10" Oil Painting on wood going for $750. I have it up my store but the store will be shutting down Monday night. Then my store will reopen whenever I end up in Pittsburgh... so probably a couple weeks.

This might be the last update I make in Portland, so I give a huge salute to you Portland. It's been an awesome time and I know I'm a better person for living here the last 2 years. I shall miss you and your fresh air.