As I sip on my delicious pumpkin ale, feel the cool welcome of Autumn in the air, and breathe deep the smells of fallen leaves and wood fires that are meandering into my nose holes, I say, Welcome Fall! You are a brief but glorious lover that is kind enough to make sweet, beautiful love to each and every one of my senses once a year.... before leaving me twisting in the dark coldness of winter. I love you. Please don't leave me!!

Yes, Fall has just begun and I'm happy to be back home in Pittsburgh to enjoy it. Pennsylvania is an amazing place for all things Fall and I'll be looking to enjoy as much as I can. Fall camping is definitely happening in the next couple weeks. Yes!
I survived the cross country tour of America and spectated the shit out of some beautiful land. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Devil's Tower and the Badlands were all on display for the Kehoe caravan. I took over 800 pictures and would love to share them, but I took so many that it's overwhelming me. Damn this digital age of frivolous and unfettered picture taking.

Now that I'm back, I'm full speed ahead on my next show at Jonathan LeVine in March. More on that to come.
I have few new pieces and prints available at Sebastian Foster. It's a great crew of artists and I'm excited to be on board. There's a really awesome aesthetic going on here with the other artists that I really connect to... might buy some prints of my own. Check it out!
Sebastian Foster

Conversation Amongst the Innocent

I've also just released a new print of one of my pieces from the recent Blab Show, Onward Again My Friend. I decided to shrink it down to 18" x 18" with a 1" border so the print comes out to 20" x 20" This is much easier and more affordable to frame since it's a pretty standard size. Those custom framing jobs add up and I'm trying not to add to the pain. It's a limited edition of 40 and is available at my Etsy store.

Onward Again My Friend