Hush now. Listen. Seriously shut up. Do you hear that?

Are those the sounds of merry scratches inside a cardboard box of winter night? Have you heard objects being pushed off tables only to find a pile of neatly stacked gifts instead of utter wreckage? Is that the pitter pattering of paws zooming down your hallway followed by the strong aroma of nutmeg, pine, kitty litter, and a hint of savings?

These sounds can only mean one thing. Cyber Back Cat has traveled the Meowltiverse to bring jolly mischief and Holiday cheer back to our mundane realm. Time to celebrate their arrival.

From Monday November 28th through Friday December 16th, all items in Andy Kehoe Art Shop will be 15% off using code:


That means even the special edition metal prints. There are only a couple of the Together in the Maelstrom Metal Prints left so grab one while you can. They can be found in the PRODUCED section of The Forest Foundry.

Speaking of metal prints, Cyber Black Cat has brought something truly wondrous with them this year.

Midwinter Orison Metal Prints will go live on Monday, November 28th at 4:00 PM eastern. You can go to the Forest Foundry for more info:

Midwinter Orison Special Edition Metal Prints

Not only that, Cyber Black Cat is bringing PUZZLES!

I have 10 of these new puzzles and they will also go on sale Monday November 28th at 4:00 PM eastern in my Other Products Section.

HOLIDAY CUTOFF DATES: Any orders received after these dates will be shipped after Christmas.
Domestic Orders (USA): December 19th
International Orders: December 12th

No shipments can be guaranteed but these dates give you the best shot. I’ll do everything I can to make sure your orders reach you in time.
For International orders, I’ll be shipping DHL whenever its possible. DHL will reach you within a week which is amazing, but I can’t offer it to everyone because it is insanely expensive to certain parts of the world.

Otherwise I’ll ship via USPS Priority International, which I can’t predict at all. USPS has been pretty erratic with international shipping lately so I don’t have the greatest faith in them. If you want it for sure in time for the Holiday, DHL is the way to go.

If you’d like to know if you qualify for DHL before ordering, email me a message, including your shipping address, to and I’ll check. And if it is really expensive, and you still really want to get an order in time, I can work with you to split the extra cost.

Thanks everyone!