When I was studying Illustration at Parsons, one of my teachers introduced me to these wonderful art books called BLAB!. The first BLAB! I ever saw was the issue with Mark Ryden on the cover, which was also the first time I ever saw the work of Mark Ryden. When I looked through these beautifully printed books, I was introduced to a whole new world of art that was somehow unknown to me and I was immediately inspired. It was illustrative, imaginative, well-crafted, fantastical, and weird. It was just up my alley. Then I learned that many of these artists were actually showing their work in galleries which blew my mind. I had no idea this kind of work was being shown in galleries, and it opened me up to the possibility of showing my own work in a gallery one day. In many ways, BLAB! was responsible for this new direction in my artistic pursuits.

Here are a few BLAB! covers from this time.


Cover by Mark Ryden

BLAB Garcia

Cover by Camille Rose Garcia

BLAB Claytons

Cover by the Clayton Brothers

It was always a dream of mine to contribute to BLAB! one day, and I even wrote a mock proposal to the creator and editor of BLAB!, Monte Beauchamp, in my Parsons Illustration business class. Then a few years after I graduated, Monte contacted me and asked me to contribute some work to BLAB! and the BLAB! Art Show. I was, of course, beyond elated to be involved, and I’ve been contributing art for the BLAB! Shows ever since.

Now we are reaching the 10th BLAB! Show group exhibition, and as always, it’s an honor to once again be involved. The show opens this Saturday, September 12th at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.

Here’s my piece for the show.


Young is the Night
18” x 18”
Oil, Acrylic, & Resin in Cradled Wood Panel