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PRISMATIC Opening & Sour Harvest Interview // Print Release Friday 10.13.2017


Hi Everyone!

I got back to Pittsburgh from LA a week ago and had a wonderful time at the PRISMATIC opening at Thinkspace on September 30th. Whew. This show really took it out of me, but I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. I'd talk about it more, but as it turns out, I've already spent hours writing about it in my recent interview with Sour Harvest. You can read the interview here:


I updated my site and added images of all the new works. You can find the gallery here:


Here are some photos from the opening courtesy of Birdman












I'll be releasing 3 new prints, Together in the Maelstrom, Worlds Apart, & Inherent Tranquility,  on Friday October 13th at 4:00 pm Eastern Time through my SHOP. 

Here are the details:

Together in the MaelstromTogether in the Maelstrom
22” x 26” Including 1” White Border
Limited Edition of 150

Worlds ApartWorlds Apart
20” x 20” Including 1” White Border
Limited Edition of 120

Inherent TranquilityInherent Tranquility
22” x 26” Including 1” White Border
Limited Edition of 120

And one last announcement. Last Tuesday I had another print release through Tiny Showcase, which is actually a pair of prints. I've been trying to figure out a way to release prints of the pieces, Forest Sentinel I & Forest Sentinel II, and Tiny Showcase seemed like the perfect place. They are both formatted to 8"x10" and part of the proceeds go to The Hispanic Federation for relief efforts in Puerto Rico. $25 each or $45 for the pair.


Forest Sentinel 1Forest Sentinel I

Forest Sentinel 2Forest Sentinel II

Thanks so much for reading!


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PRISMATIC Opening Tomorrow at Thinkspace Gallery

Just a final reminder that my next show, PRISMATIC, will be opening tomorrow at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City. The opening is from 6-9 pm.

I’ll also be releasing a limited edition print through Thinkspace and they’ll be available at the opening. The prints are of the piece Bask in Phenomena. I’ll be signing them soon.

Bask in Phenomena

Bask in Phenomena

Here’s a little sneak preview of the show. I’ll also be providing a link to the preview at the end of the post.

Worlds Apart

Inherent Tranquility

The Unnatural Order of Stillness

Here’s the link to the preview as promised.


Also, here’s a link the Facebook event if you want to check in.

PRISMATIC Facebook Event



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Upcoming Show: PRISMATIC


Happy to announce my upcoming show, PRISMATIC, which opens on September 30th, 2017 at Thinkspace Gallery. This will be my first time exhibiting in the LA area in 5 years, so I'm super excited to be back again. Here's the official statement for the show from the gallery:

Andy Kehoe’s work is compelling, haunting, and magnetic. He uses the suggestion of narrative to imply a trajectory beyond the image plane. The viewer is left feeling as though they have had a glimpse into a much longer, and more significant vignette. Just as all effective suggestions of narrative leave one feeling the absence of its absolute resolution, we feel a mesmerizing pull to Kehoe’s narrative fragments, and wonder what else lies beneath the surface.

The postcard image is the first piece I finished for the show called, Together in the Maelstrom. I've been wanting to make a spiritual followup to my piece, Together at the Threshold, for a while now. I made Together at the Threshold for my wife, Ash, for our engagement and it symbolized us at the precipice of our future journey together. This year, on August 25th, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary so it seemed like a fitting time to make the follow up. We've been through a lot together in these past 5 years so I wanted to convey the beauty of love and partnership, but also capture the frightening largeness of it. Giving yourself completely to another person, trusting in them, and resigning yourself to all the vulnerabilities that entail, is at once beautiful, comforting, fearsome, and a multitude of other emotions I can't begin to adequately express in words. Then externally, the world around us is both a grand and dreadful place, so having someone to share the experience is all the more comforting, exciting, and gratifying. But it also brings an extra level of fear and anxiety knowing that all the horrible things in life can affect the person you love and none of it is in your control. All you can do is take their hand and witness it together in all its awe and horror.


Together at the Threshold

Together in the Maelstrom

Together in the Maelstrom


Together in the Maelstrom will definitely be available as a print a week or so after the opening so that update will be coming in early October. Check my blog or sign up for my Newsletter for updates. Also, metal prints are now available! They turned out amazing and I've gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from the people that have received one. I'll certainly be considering more metals in the future. Some pieces are just made for it.

To celebrate the announcement of my upcoming show, I'm offering a 15% coupon to my Shop that will be good until the date of the opening. the coupon is good for anything and everything in the shop, including the aforementioned metal prints and all available original works. Here's the code:


Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to sharing all this new work with you soon!


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Upcoming Group Show 06.02.17: LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS


Hi Everyone!

I'm participating in an upcoming group show called, LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS, organized by WOW x WOW. It's an online only show and it opens this Friday June 2nd. As you can see above, the lineup is amazing. If you're signed up to my Newsletter, you'll receive an email shortly with an invite to the preview list.

Otherwise, visit the WOW x WOW site for more info: https://wowxwow.com

Here is my piece for the show. Thanks!

Reminiscing Bygone Intentions.jpg

“Reminiscing Bygone Intentions”
24” x 24”
Oil, Acrylic, & Resin in Cradled Wood Panel


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Fantastical Romanticism & Print Release 07.01.16

My latest solo show, Fantastical Romanticism, opened at Jonathan LeVine Gallery last weekend and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks so much to the gallery, all the staff, and everyone that helped me get that somewhat heavy artwork on the walls.

I posted all the work from the show on my website, and you can check it out here. Fantastical Romanticism Work

The show will be up until July 23rd, so if you're in the New York area, please stop by and see it in person if you can. It's definitely a different experience in person. More info at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery site.

I'll be releasing my first prints from the show on Friday July 1st, 2016 at 3:00 Eastern Time. Prints will be available in my Web Shop and also in my Etsy Store.

Here are the specs on the prints. Thanks so much!

Eyes of the Wild Wonder

Eyes of the Wild Wonder
14” x 28” including 1” White Border
Limited edition of 150
Signed and Numbered

Multiversal Coalescence

Multiversal Coalescence
20” x 20” including 1” White Border
Limited edition of 150
Signed and Numbered

The Hunter

The Hunter
20” x 20” including 1” White Border
Limited edition of 150
Signed and Numbered

Patrol of the Dusk Warden

Patrol of the Dusk Warden
22” x 18” including 1” White Border
Limited edition of 150
Signed and Numbered

I'll also be releasing a print of Beyond the Familiar in a few weeks with a couple others. It's the largest piece I've ever done, so I'm going to play around with some sizing and printing options before I decide on how to release it. More on that print to come.

Beyond the Familiar

Beyond the Familiar
Print Coming Soon!

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BLAB! and ME

When I was studying Illustration at Parsons, one of my teachers introduced me to these wonderful art books called BLAB!. The first BLAB! I ever saw was the issue with Mark Ryden on the cover, which was also the first time I ever saw the work of Mark Ryden. When I looked through these beautifully printed books, I was introduced to a whole new world of art that was somehow unknown to me and I was immediately inspired. It was illustrative, imaginative, well-crafted, fantastical, and weird. It was just up my alley. Then I learned that many of these artists were actually showing their work in galleries which blew my mind. I had no idea this kind of work was being shown in galleries, and it opened me up to the possibility of showing my own work in a gallery one day. In many ways, BLAB! was responsible for this new direction in my artistic pursuits.

Here are a few BLAB! covers from this time.


Cover by Mark Ryden

BLAB Garcia

Cover by Camille Rose Garcia

BLAB Claytons

Cover by the Clayton Brothers

It was always a dream of mine to contribute to BLAB! one day, and I even wrote a mock proposal to the creator and editor of BLAB!, Monte Beauchamp, in my Parsons Illustration business class. Then a few years after I graduated, Monte contacted me and asked me to contribute some work to BLAB! and the BLAB! Art Show. I was, of course, beyond elated to be involved, and I’ve been contributing art for the BLAB! Shows ever since.

Now we are reaching the 10th BLAB! Show group exhibition, and as always, it’s an honor to once again be involved. The show opens this Saturday, September 12th at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.

Here’s my piece for the show.


Young is the Night
18” x 18”
Oil, Acrylic, & Resin in Cradled Wood Panel

Andy Kehoe Art



All Images ©Andy Kehoe


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