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Emerging from the Deepness Print – Final Day

Hello Everyone!

Today is the final day to purchase the “Emerging from the Deepness” limited edition print. The 5 day timed release ends tonight so now is the last chance to pick one up before they leave the Shop for good.

I’m so proud of this painting. It is a real showcase of everything that I want my work to be. Mysterious, playful, and atmospheric. The forest setting of this piece is truly from deepest part of my creative soul. Which is one of the themes behind this painting. Bringing these images out from the dark, conceptual ether and into the light of reality has always been the most magical part of creating. I love it so much.

I wouldn’t be able to do any of this with out all of your support. It’s been a wild journey with my work, filled many twist and turns; triumphs and hardships. Through out it all, you’ve allowed me the freedom to grow technically, emotionally and conceptually over the years. You have my undying gratitude.

And a huge thank you to those that have already purchased one of these wonderful prints. You’re helping me continue my creative journey and I also just think these prints are really lovely. It’s my first collaborative print with theprintspace and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. They are the final result of this painting’s journey and I know that you’ll love them.


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Painting the Deep + Print Release

Hello Everyone!

I’m proud to present my newest digital painting, “Emerging from the Deepness.”

Emerging from the Deepness - Digital Painting - 2023

Sometimes when it comes to making a new piece, I just need to go somewhere comfortable. For me, that’s the deep forest—creative speaking anyways. As much as I love the forest, I can never be absolutely comfortable there. It’s the home for critters, plants, and creepy crawlies--not me. But I do love to create characters that actually belong there.

They move through these surroundings with a natural presence and a knowing grace in a way I wish I could. Freedom not fear. They are truly of the forest and the wild.


Also very excited to announce that Emerging from the Deepness will be my first print release through my partnership with theprintspace.

This limited edition print will be a timed release that runs from June 28th through July 3rd. You will only be able to purchase this print during this time period. After that, they will be gone forever.


Starts: June 28th, 3:00 EST

Ends: July 3rd, 11:59 EST

  • Available in these sizes, including a border for easy framing
    • A1- 30” x 22”—76cm x 56cm (Editon of 10)
    • A2- 21” x 15.5”—53cm x 39cm (Edition of 20)
    • A3- 15” x 11”—38cm x 28cm (edition of 30)
  • Framed with FSC-certified Wood in Oak Veneer, Painted Black or White styles.
    • A1- Total Frame Size: 34.1" x 24.3"--87cm x 62cm
    • A2- Total Frame Size: 24.4" x 16.6"--62cm x 45cm
    • A3- Total Frame Size: 17.5" x 12.6"--45cm x 32cm
  • Print signed & numbered
  • Comes with a signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Printed on acid-free, archival cotton Photo Rag 308 gsm Giclée paper, from Hahnemühle the world’s oldest mill who have been producing fine art papers for more than 500 years
  • Guaranteed archival life of 100+ years
  • Carbon neutral, sustainable production, packaging and shipping
  • Express Global Delivery with tracked & insured shipping

As a reminder, I’ll send out another Newsletter on the day of the release with even more info.

I also have a countdown banner on the homepage of my Shop that has a reminder feature. It will email you an alert 10 minutes before the print goes live.

Andy Kehoe Shop

Thanks so much for reading and following!

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Comings and Goings – Print Shop Edition

Hello Everyone!

Got some solid, in the books, dates for you concerning upcoming Print Shop developments.

I’m phasing all printing and fulfillment duties over to theprintspace on June 21st 2023. Which means that I’ll have some of the current prints in my Shop available with new options—such as sizing and frame options—but that also means a good portion of my prints will be leaving the Shop. Here is selection of some that will be phased out next week.

Some of the prints leaving on June 21st

To see all the prints that will be leaving, go to this collection inside my Shop. If you've been waiting on grabbing any of these, now is the time.

Leaving the Forest Collection

Note: Some of the themed prints—such as the Halloween and winter themed paintings—could be released again in a future date closer to those occasions. Definitely going to have a Halloween collection coming out in the Fall.

New Print Release

My next print release will be on Wednesday June 28th and will run through July 3rd. It will be a timed print release so after July 3rd, they won’t be available for purchase ever again.

The print will be of an unreleased painting called, “Emerging from the Deepness.” Here’s a preview of the painting.

Emerging from the Deepness - Preview

Really excited about this new piece. I’ll post the full image next week when I officially announce the new print.

I’ll be moving most of my future print releases over to a timed release format. This format will be way more beneficial to my upcoming work schedule. So if you don’t want to miss any future releases, be sure to keep updated with this newsletter and check in with my social media accounts:


Thanks for reading and I’ll have the official new print release announcement out to you next week.


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Huge Changes Coming to Andy Kehoe Art Shop

Hello everyone! Big big changes coming when my partnership with theprintspace begins this June.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to switch the printing and fulfillment operation of my print shop over to creativehub, which is run by the UK based company, theprintspace. They will be taking over those duties starting in early June. I’m very proud of the quality of my prints and how I’ve built up this Shop over the past 13+ years. While I really enjoy running my print shop—and being in control of every aspect of the production—it is monumental task for a single person. As the Shop has continued to grow, so has my time commitment to running it all and its become an overwhelming endeavor.
This is the major reason for the switch as my time for actual creative work has continued to shrink. With a number of projects and new endeavors coming on the horizon, it’s a step I felt like I needed to take.

That being said, there are a number of amazing benefits to along with it.


While I’m extremely proud of the quality of my prints, I’m not a professional printer by any means. theprintspace are top notch printers and they will produce the best print possible on super quality paper—which I’ll have options on which is very cool. I’ll be involved in every step of the printing process, so all prints will have my personal stamp of approval and a certificate of authenticity to go along with it.

International Shipping:
One of the biggest challenges for me running my Shop has been shipping—specifically international shipping. Shipping outside of the USA is outrageously expensive for everyone involved and has also been very extremely inconsisent—especially with USPS and international local postal services. Since theprintspace is based out of the UK, shipping to Europe will be a breeze and I’ll be able to offer DHL courier service to the whole world. And all at a much more affordable price than I could ever offer. Such a relief.

Size Options:
Each new print will now come in 3 different sizes—small, medium, & large—each with their own editions. This will give you even more freedom to choose a print size that will best fit your space. I get a ton of inquiries if my prints come in different sizes. Now they will.

This one is huge. I’ll be able to offer ready to hang frames for each print in each size. There will be 3 options-white, black, & natural wood—and I’ll be able to customize the mat size and mat color for each one. So awesome.

Consistent Fulfillment:
While I always try to my best to get prints order out within a week of receiving them, there are times when I just can’t do it. When I’m finishing up a painting for a show, or have a strict deadline looming, there is simply no time for me to print, pack, and ship orders. It’s also hard for me to stay on top of large amounts of orders during busy times like the Holidays.
Now orders will always leave within 48 hours, and with the courier service, will reach you within 5 days of shipping.

Environmental Benefits:
theprintspace is a 100% end-to-end carbon neutral company that offsets all its emissions and invests in renewable energy sources. This is very important to me in these times.

Changes Coming:

Print Availability:
When theprintspace takes over printing and fulfillment in June, I’ll be removing the vast majority of prints from my Shop. A select few open edition prints will always be available and limited edition prints will be more time based. When new limited edition prints are released, older prints will be phased out.
This is to reduce the somewhat overwhelming amount of options in my Shop at any given time. Prints will be more curated and will be rotating. Some current prints will be re-released again in some manner, but most of them will be gone forever.

With the move to a 3rd party printing and fulfillment service will come a jump in pricing. But the options for size and framing should accommodate most budgets.

I’ll be making a separate post about this, but if you see any prints you like in the Shop, now is the time to pick up one before they disappear and also before they go up in price.

All in all, I’m super excited for the move to theprintspace. It’s going give you way more options and way more consistency in shipping. And it will also give me a lot more time to focus on creating which is so so important.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me up to this point. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Spring Forward to the Groggy Lands

Hello Everyone!

It felt safe to welcome Spring early because this Winter has basically been Spring for weeks... then it snowed and got freezing. Winter got me with the long game. Good one.

This week has been a sluggish one because of the time change, which never seemed to affect me before. Guess my older self is more affected by these things now. Another fun wrinkle to aging. Between that and trying to figure out a way to keep out dog out of the cat litter room (he's apparently addicted to cat poop), it's been a slow, choppy week. I did manage to redo my portfolio website though, which I've been meaning to do for a while. I think it looks great. Check it out if you're feeling it. Also, my blog moved to this site so if you were subscribed to my old RSS feed, you'll have to update it.

Andy Kehoe Art Portfolio Site

Besides that I've been busy with my Patreon Digital Paintings. Here are the last two I did for 2022 and the first two I did for January and February this year:

October Digital Painting: Spell of Twilight States

Spell of Twilight States - 2022 - Digital Painting

This piece continued my Halloween season paintings. Really love how this turned out with the multiple vertical levels and lighting scenarios. Each sections has it's own vibe but it all works together. Here are some details:

Spell of Twilight States - Lower Detail
Spell of Twilight States - Upper Detail

Prints can be found here: Spell of Twilight States Print

November/December Digital Painting: Season of Subtle Bounds

Season of Subtle Bounds - 2022 - Digital Painting

Here's my winter themed piece for the year. Winter is a season of mixed emotions for me so the duality of this image really suits me. Joy and depression are uncomfortably close to each other during these months. I do love this character and the spirit cat.

Season of Subtle Bounds - Detail

Prints can be found here: Season of Subtle Bounds Print

January Digital Painting: March of the Exiled

March of the Exiled - 2023 - Digital Painting

For the piece in January, I decided to revisit an old painting titled, March of the Exiled. Here's the original painting from a solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in 2009.

March of the Exiled - 2009 - Oil & Acrylic on Wood Panel

It's one of my favorite paintings from that era. I decided that I'm going to kick off every year with a digital remake of an important painting from my past shows. It'll be interesting to see how I can adapt the old imagery with my current painting sensibilities. This one was super fun and it was awesome to revisit these old friends. You can find prints here:

March of the Exiled 2023 Prints

February Digital Painting: Spirits of Forgotten Places

Spirits of Forgotten Places
Spirits of Forgotten Places - 2023 - Digital Painting

As I mentioned in my Patreon post about this painting, I really tried to go simple with this image since it was a short month, but I guess I just can't help myself. My dog loves cat poop and I love ridiculous details. I also really, really love painting dead trees. So much enjoyment. Plus I got to paint a ghost doodle.

Spirits of Forgotten Places - Detail

Prints can be found here: Spirits of Forgotten Places Print

Art Show News:

I have a couple group show coming up this year. The first is collaboration between Thinkspace and Antler Gallery. Here's the info:


Curated by Antler Gallery and Thinkspace Projects

On view April 27 - May 21, 2023 at:

Antler Gallery + Talon Gallery

2728 NE Alberta Street

Portland, OR 97211

Opening Reception:

Thursday, April 27 from 6-9pm

We’ll be donating 10% of the sale from each work sold to BornFreeUSA.org to help in their fight to save our endangered species in the animal kingdom. We’ve worked with them many times in the past and they are a great organization dedicated to helping our wildlife. 




The other group show is a Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition called, Serendipity, at Haven Gallery in Long Island. That show opens November 4th. More on that as we get closer but I definitely plan on attending that show.

That's it for now. Thanks so much for reading!


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Ok Winter Settle Down, I Have Updates

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you out there sharing this crazy winter weather are holding up ok. We had a crazy ice storm over the weekend which shut me down for a couple days. Was ok on the power front, but had no desire to brave the icy streets to get to the studio. Our dog, Gizmo, on the other hand loves the snow and is completely living it up. Unfortunately for us, he's got those short legs and his underside quickly becomes a little snowball collecting factory.

Look at this snow-loving goofball

Patreon Digital Painting

Made my first Patreon Digital Painting of the year and it was an involved one. So many details in this one. I've been working on a story for a while and this scene popped into my head. Hopefully I'll be able to share the larger story soon.

Underworld Conveyance - Digital Painting - 2022
Underworld Conveyance - Detail

Some images are very hard to translate to small screens and this is definitely one of them. I ultimately had the print for this image in mind and it does look amazing as a print.

Photo doesn't quite capture the vibrancy of the print but you get an idea of the size.

You can find the prints in my Shop or follow the link below:

Underworld Conveyance Print


Finally got some new puzzles in recently and just posted them to my Shop.

Heye - New Skies Puzzle

You puzzle lovers can find them here:

Heye New Skies Puzzle

And one last thing. I have a new collection out with Gelaskins. They collaborate with artists to make phone cases, iPad/Laptop skins, and a whole manner of other products. Here is a sample of some of my new cases:

If you want some new swag for your devices, you can find my collection here:

Andy Kehoe Gelaskins Collection 2022

Also, Gelaskins asked me to do a video for promoting on social media and this is what my studio mate, Steve, and I made for them. Its super weird but luckily they loved it! haha

Thanks as always for reading and supporting. You're all the best this world has to offer.


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Welcome Chill Autumn Winds

Happy Fall everyone and hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Looks like the hot breath of summer is finally off our necks and we're getting some proper Fall weather around here. Gotta say though, the leaves are a little spotty this year. Last year was just so amazing. The leaves were so vivid and they stuck around for so long. But if we ever needed a lovely Fall, it was last year. Last year was rough.

There is one way to keep Fall around longer and that's to bring some Fall love into my newest digital painting for my Patreon page. A few years ago, I started a new annual tradition of making a Halloween themed piece for October and its now something I really look forward to. Just love painting witches. Here's my piece for 2021 called, "The Eve of Rended Veils."

Prints are available now in my Shop. Here's the info on the print:

  • The Eve of Rended Veils
  • 26" x 22"
  • Limited Edition of 100
  • Signed, Titled, & Numbered
  • $95

Here's a direct link:

The Eve of Rended Veils Print

Thanks for reading!


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Its a Mad World, Pet a Cat

Hello Subscribers!

I apologize for the lack of posts on this Blog/Newsletter but man is it hard when the world seems to be falling apart around us. Plus there are so many damn outlets to consider these days and I'm being pulled around like crazy. It can spread you thin, so to keep what's left of my sanity, I've had to focus on just a couple venues to get me through. Those have been my Patreon and Instagram. When all is chaos you gotta keep things simple. So if you aren't signed up for any of those, you can find them here:

Andy Kehoe Patreon

Andy Kehoe Instagram

Speaking of Patreon, I've been continuing my Digital Painting journey and this year has been great for me. Here are some samples from my Digital Painting posts on Patreon.

Together in the Maelstrom 2021 - I started the year with a digital remake of Together in the Maelstrom so that I could offer it as an open edition print. The original print edition sold out super fast and it was the most requested print I would get by a long shot. It resonated so deeply with people and I wished I had it available to share that image with everyone that wanted one. So the best solution for that was to make a new one and I love the way it turned out. Also, I'm on schedule to make the next progression in this series as my 10th year wedding anniversary is coming up next year, and after the last couple years we've had, its gonna be a doozy.
Face of the Ancient
Boon of the Deepest Light
Hope for the Lost
Those of the Unbounded

These are all available as prints in my shop. Click here to check it out: Andy Kehoe Art Shop

Art Show News:

I have a couple group shows coming up in the next couple weeks.

The first is the Vanguard show at Outré Gallery in Melbourne Australia.

The show was supposed to open on August, but Melbourne is under another lockdown due to a certain dickhead virus that won't get the hint. They were hoping to hold out a bit to see if it would lift, but with no clear signs of letting up, they decided to release the online preview on Monday and hope for the best. Hopefully people can go see these pieces in person before it comes down.

Click here to sign up for the online preview: Outré Gallery Vanguard Preview

Here's my piece for the show.

Braving the Hereafter - 16"x20" - Oil, Acrylic, Resin on Wood Panel

The next show is the 16th Annual BLAB! Show.

Always an absolute honor and pleasure to be involved with BLAB! and seriously, look at that lineup. Amazing to be among such great and accomplished artists.

I don't have a piece to share yet unfortunately. Things are not going smoothly with this particular painting. The painting itself is looking great... but unforeseen circumstances are hindering me from finishing it. The first being that my cat Gremmy got really sick and my wife and I have been dealing with that for the last several days. Poor little guy got a urinary block and that ain't great for a cat. So he's been in the emergency clinic, but good news is that he's home now but we're in full monitoring mode. Besides some shaved arms, a shaved chunk of fur in the middle of his tail, and a shaved butthole, he's looking pretty good.

Thank goodness he's recovering. Don't know what I'd do without my little buddy.

On top of that, my painting just won't dry so that I can do the final layer. When I start the finishing details and line work, I always put a thin layer of Galkyd on top of the whole piece because it gives me a nice smooth surface to work on. Put it on Tuesday... and its still tacky. Ugh. Why??? This never happens. Maybe the humidity? I was behind as it was with the all-hands-on-cat-deck crisis, and this exactly what I didn't need. Giving me heart palpitations. Just goes to show you, paintings can be a fist fight sometimes, no matter where you are in your career. The painting is currently sitting right in front of my window AC unit. Fingers crossed.

Print Shop News:

I'll be releasing my Outré piece, Braving the Hereafter, as a limited edition print next Friday. I'll be releasing it alongside another painting I did earlier this year called, Lost Reverie. They're both going to be small editions of 50 so get them while they're available. I'll send an update next week to remind you all.

Lost Reverie

Also, I post a digital painting every month (this month excluded due to craziness) and I release the prints at the same time so be sure to keep on eye on that. Again, the best place is my Patreon and Instagram.

And that should do it.

Take care and be safe out there!


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Cyber Black Cat Arrives + 3 New Prints

When Cyber Black Cat first traveled through time and space to reach our Earth dimension, he thought he was sent here to save us from an existential threat... but he was mistaken. He was sent here to save us some moolah. (I was going to type meuwlah but it seemed confusing and the word moolah is already baseline weird. And is that too many cat puns?) In any case...

Cyber Black Cat has arrived and so begins the 2 week sale. Use code:


For 15% your entire order in my Shop.


I've also released 3 pieces from my recent Outré Gallery show as limited edition prints. Details below.

Two Creatures Contemplate a Dying Star
18” x 22” (including 1” white border)
Limited Edition of 100

Companions of Isolation
18” x 22” (including 1” white border)
Limited Edition of 100

Coupled Spirits of the Half Moon
12” x 12” (including 1” white border)
Limited Edition of 100

All of these can be found in my Shop.

Thanks so much and stay safe out there everyone!


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Holiday Update 2019

Son of a Krampus. Thanksgiving and the holiday season are upon us. How does this happen every year? One day there are inappropriately early Christmas decorations popping up and all of a sudden you're waking up on New Years day with a (hopefully) mild hangover, shaking confetti out of your hair, and wondering where the hell the last month and change went. As we helplessly drift towards the holiday black hole, there is but one hope to pull us from the maw of the jolly void... Cyber Black Cat



Cyber Black Cat returns to our dimension on December 4th, bringing a week long sale at Andy Kehoe Shop. All items will be 15% off including prints, originals, and puzzles. **Guild Members get an additional %15 off on top of their Guild Discount**

He'll also be bringing a print release along with him. (Details below)

Speaking of prints, I recently released my newest Patreon digital painting as a print and it is available now.

Liminal Communion

Liminal Communion

Printing this particular piece was pretty tricky due to the subtleties in the dark tones and I kept losing a lot of the details in my first attempts. I really love this image so I wanted the print to be as good as possible. This lead me to explore some different paper types and I eventually landed on a Satin gloss paper. It worked like a charm and really picked up those tiny details. This is the first print of mine that is printed on something other than matte paper and I think it fits this image so well.

Art Show News

I have a small 12"x12" painting heading down to a Thinkspace Group Exhibition at Scope Miami Beach 2019 Art Fair which opens on December 3rd. As always, a ton of amazing artists involved so check the Thinkspace site for more info.

Thinkspace Scope Miami Beach

The show pieces won't be up on their site until December 3rd so be sure to check back to see all the work. Here's my piece for the show: (if you're interested in purchasing this, use the Thinkspace contact page)

There Is No End.jpg

There Is No End - Oil on Wood - 12"x12" - $800

As alluded to above, this small piece will be the print released on Cyber Black Cat Wednesday. I've been wanting to add another small print option and this seems like a solid choice. Here's the print release info:

There Is No End
12"x12” including 1” white border
limited edition of 100
signed, titled, and numbered by the artist

Thanks for reading everyone!






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