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Last year was the first year I didn't complete a traditional painting in... decades. Wow that's kind of crazy. I'd already cut back on my art show work purposefully --as the art show circuit was grinding me to dust-- but then covid hit and all art shows came to a standstill. The art show world has since picked up again but nothing really came up for me last year. I've always wanted a place for my traditional painting in my workflow so I'm excited that I have multiple group shows lined up this year.

The first show is a group show called, Existential, which actually opened last week at Antler Gallery in Portland. Sorry for the late heads up! The last couple weeks have been chock full and I didn't have a moment to send out a Newsletter. Just got too much on my giant plate right now! It's a mostly good problem to have.

It's a show themed around endangered species so I went did what had to be done. I painted a red panda. Here's my piece entitled, "Champion of the Rare."

Champion of the Rare - Oil & Acrylic on Wood Panel - 2023

Felt really good to finish a painting. Looking forward to making more this year.

This piece is still available for purchase. There are also a lot of amazing artists with their amazing work in the show so do yourself a favor and check it out. You can find the work from the show here:

Existential Show Work

And here's the info on the show:


Curated by Antler Gallery and Thinkspace Projects

On view April 27 - May 21, 2023 at:

Antler Gallery + Talon Gallery

2728 NE Alberta Street

Portland, OR 97211

Opening Reception:

Thursday, April 27 from 6-9pm

We’ll be donating 10% of the sale from each work sold to BornFreeUSA.org to help in their fight to save our endangered species in the animal kingdom. We’ve worked with them many times in the past and they are a great organization dedicated to helping our wildlife. 




Featuring work from over 70 artists spanning the globe:

  • Ador
  • Allison Bamcat
  • Amandine Urruty
  • Amy Ruppel
  • Amy Sol
  • Andy Kehoe
  • Anne Smerdon
  • Anthony Ausgang
  • Anthony Clarkson
  • Anthony Solano
  • Antonio J. Ainscough
  • Bennett Slater
  • Benzilla
  • Brad Woodfin
  • Brin Levinson
  • Calvin Ma
  • Casey Weldon
  • Cayl Austin
  • Chloe Becky
  • Chris Austin
  • Claire Milligan
  • Cody Jiminez
  • Craig Barker
  • Creature Creature
  • Dewi Plass
  • Euan Roberts
  • Evoca1
  • Fandi Angga Saputra
  • Frank Gonzales
  • Fumi Nakamura
  • Goopmassta
  • GV Kelley
  • Hannah Eddy
  • Heiko Müller
  • James Thistllethwaite
  • Jeremy Nichols
  • Jon MacNair
  • Josh Keyes
  • Julian Callos
  • Juliet Schreckinger
  • Kelly Vivanco
  • Kim Slate
  • Kimera Wachna
  • Kristy Moreno
  • Manuel Zamudio
  • Marcos Navarro
  • Miriam Frank
  • Motelseven
  • Natalie Erickson
  • Neil Perry
  • Nicole Evans
  • Nikoo Bafti
  • Paola Ciarska
  • Rachel Sabin
  • Rialenga
  • Roja
  • Ryol
  • Sean Banister
  • Sloppy Seconds
  • Spenser Little
  • Steve Seeley
  • Stig Bergas
  • Stom500
  • Super A
  • Susannah Kelly
  • Thomas Jackson
  • Toyameg
  • Travis Black
  • Tripper Dungan
  • Vanessa Morata
  • VR Rivera
  • Young-Ji Cha
  • Yuta Tamura
  • Zoe Keller

Digital Painting:

I've also completed a couple new digital paintings for my Patreon since my last newsletter.

Night Garden - Digital Painting - 2023

Print available here: Night Garden Print

Gazing Into the Infinite
Gazing Into the Infinite - Digital Painting - 2023

Print available here: Gazing Into the Infinite Print

I have more announcements to make but I'm going to save them for a separate Newsletter as I don't want this to get too bloated. So expect another Newsletter in a couple days.

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